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  Homepage > Holy Land Gifts & Souvenirs > Holy Land Souvenirs > Israeli Flag 3D Embossed Fridge Magnet

 Israeli Flag 3D Embossed Fridge Magnet    

Israeli Flag 3D Embossed Fridge Magnet

Israeli Flag 3D Embossed Fridge Magnet

Cat # : CHF27x

This magnet is part of the Israel Rocks@ 62 Collection. It is one lovely fridge magnet with the Israeli Flag proudly fluttering in the wind. It almost looks like the flag is larger than life as it surmounts the confines of its limited surroundings.
A metaphor if there ever was one. A bright and cheerful magnet to add to your burgeoning collection.

The other fridge magnets you have will pale in comparison and most likely slink off and drop to the floor.

The perfect memento for Israel's 62nd year. Can you think of anything better?

Your children will see it every morning. A perfect opportunity to share with them their unique heritage.

Size: rectangular shaped about 2.75 x 2.20 inches. Factory wrapped in cellophane to preserve freshness and cleanliness.


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